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History of our creation

YUCAD is a brand of Ikon Infra Solutions. We started this over a decade ago with an intention to commoditize interior design services. We believe that living and working spaces of every individual, if created appropriately, give a sense of energy and motivation to deliver the better of one’s self. Space planning and design services have traditionally been considered as a luxury service. With the changing demographics, increased disposal income and wide awareness, there is a significant shift in people’s idea about space and design.

What started as a simple space planning and interior design services company, YUCAD now provides a wide range of solutions. Our expertise now spans to imports, procurement and design services with collaboration with manufacturers and brands of China and Italy.

YUDIO is an interior design application developed by YUCAD’s in house team. This technological application helps anyone to draw the floor plan, arrange furniture and visit the results in 3D. Creating and editing are extremely simple - just click, drag and drop. Such technological applications that help assist creating spaces are being developed at YUCAD.

There was a point in time when we started entering into manufacturing of modular and hand made furniture through external tie-ups. After a four year experience in manufacturing, we started operating both the factories on our own. We are now on our way to establish one of the biggest furniture manufacturing facilities in the Southern India region. We boast about in-house expertise across the value chain

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